Tuesday 831 PM

[v1] to be or not to be not born yet I toothless I cannot sin I cannot win not yet person so I can spit the truth it a blaze blue dot I being born to trapt in womb while mother drinking in the kitchen green str8 merciless fate god given but god is worthless when you don’t exist that some food for thought she at food for less that some food stamps yes no fear oh I choose not to be our birth is but a sleep our birth is but a dream and a forgetting don’t you see dont be a slave to reality I cannot see choose not to be I choose not to be

[chorus] x4 Trapt in the womb fed up with this womb Trapt in it lost in it high up in my mothers womb


my mother’s melody holiest of holy breaks my umbilical bars minor chords

my lyrical fertility half brain no chub my ability

onyl progress I see see through chords in min

oh mom I ate I ate I fed I ate my twin don’t tell Auntie or uncle Mike will take internet privileges away hope daddy likes me that don’t always happen I feel syncopation in her belly hope my daddy likes me even if I rap premature early onset depression I can already feel it

ohhh mom you


I too high up in my mother throne

fro mmama stomach to my ear beeethoven over fear I must be born I must be born

I jamming on these unbelievable umbilical chords only progress I see through bars in minor keys trapt in the womb fed up with this womb call a hampton so I can hustly for a better womb

mom’s in a fog I can feel her steaming dad likes to vape nation while she breathing I don’t mind when I under she in the pool doing yoga spitin nursery rhyme

I ate my twin she was a weak child

my twin couldn’t trap so I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti

my lyrical fertility cast charm like civility chivalry ain’t dead it just escalate escape escalade escaaappeeee

finding finding finding dory read inbetween the veins the mother ways

yo know why babies are cute?! cause darwin, call me darla

Trapt In The Womb Master Document

2018-04-03 20:31:20 -0700 -0700

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