“Trapt in the womb” by POLIW.AT

9 Trapt in the womb

[Verse 1]
To be or not to be
not born yet I toothless
I cannot sin I cannot win
not yet person
so I can spit the truth
it a blaze blue dot
I being born to
trapt in womb while mother
drinking in the kitchen
green str8 merciless
fate god given
but god is worthless
when you don't exist
that some food for thought
she at food for less
that some food stamps yes
no fear oh
I choose not to be
our birth is but a sleep
our birth is but a dream
and a forgetting
don't you see
don't be a slave to reality
I cannot see
choose not to be
I choose not to be

[Chorus] x4
Trapt in the womb
fed up with this womb
Trapt in it
lost in it
high up in
my mothers womb

[Verse 2]
OH ma
I hope daddy likes me
don’t always happen
I the syncopation
in her belly
oh ma
I ate
I ate I fed
I ate my twin
don’t tell Auntie
I naughty
that breaks my
umbilical heart
that breaks
my umbilical bars
If I must be born
I must be born
with early onset depression
I already feel it
spitin nursery rhymes
then trippin out my
therapists n
teachers n
can’t reach us
all 50 shades
of my being
only actin the
lead in plays
I was born a
child of raeggae
but what am I
but my mothers melody
but what am I but
my mother’s melody x8 {fade out}

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