Friday 909 PM

|| on BART heading to oakies to pickup parents ||

real exhausted but got fire ass audio off brewster he gave us a tour it was amazing ||! !! |!| ! |!|! |!|! |!| !|!|!!

then recorded me talking about what Imma produce just for him and brewster and will submit a project proposal with it

let me live in archive for 3 months, and start the temporary artist in redisence program, ( artists are brought in to work with media from archive and other archive projects and related )

Imma make david a personal vizzy and project proposal pdf for him and the rest of the crew || will send by thursday is the goal :D :D :D :D

|| ||

vault 36 is like you type vault 36 then add a decimal and anything after that is one of my footage clips with a name

and the list goes on !

added to the liast manually as I type

Whose archiving the archivists ?!

Pale Blue Audio Visual

|| PBA | PBV ||

Library tags ||

FA - Freestylers anonymous
FAA - Fire ass audio
FBR - Federal Beat Reserve
HU - Human(s)
NA - Nature
AMB - Ambient
HUMU - Humans and Music
VIZ - live visual exported sessions (videos with realtime processing)
PBD - Pale Blue Dawt
LALA - song in a more classic sense
QT - cutie log ( quicktime recording of my computer screen)

List of video series : Vault 36

  - clips of my own footwage ( unordered list, manually as I have access to footage )

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

vault 35 - stills of my own for visual work


type of shot

  • journey to mirror
  • getting picked up
  • QT log
  • put on the helmet (gopro pov mounting => walk => dismount)
  • take off the helmet ()
  • string then mic



text editors with data feeds in the periphs

when Im asleep im just uploadin

Tomb Me in Pale Blue Archive

2019-06-14 21:09:37 -0700 -0700

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