Friday 1058 am

^Jordan’s going to play this during his set on Saturday without telling me.

I want to re-record it all better.

Adventures occur, but never on time

I’m behind schedule

but today is the today -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–=

Notes from Ben’s [podcast]()

5:30 - alternatives to violence, how to approach conflict nonviolently

25:25 - a lot of suffering went into that thought

learn how to gain mastery over a few things - 5702

scales on teh piano early morning on the charles river weightlifting in the gym

hard work brings mastery

throwing yourself out in the community

doing volunteer things

did a lot of work in jails

“we’re wired to help others”

the more we help others the more fulfilled we feel

I can make a difference in the world through making chocolate


A person called that may be an Omari Client

Hey Ben,

Good Chocolate has been on my mind… a lot!


Here’s a gift for your team, it’s my first real engraving so it was a fun learning project. Maybe for the Christmas season, ya’ll could sell your variety pack with reusable engraved containers, it may be a hit! We could do a series of photos with the box perfectly chocolate of course, but also a sandwich / packed lunch type deal. Just like those altoids tins people buy for the container but trendier. Just a thought…

I identify well with what you said on our podcast, as well as the vision of The Good Chocolate.

I believe I could be a valuable asset to the company, and would love to discuss employment options for anything you need. I have worked a wide palette of jobs, not just technical.

PS YOU DIDN’T TELL ME MIKI MAKES HOUSE MUSIC! 🔥🌍 Tell him I liked the Overview Effect mix 🔥🌍

  • Michael Betts

You can see projects I’ve done here:



:D Now I can focus on a 7 day schedule.

Bonnie’s piano track

Friday 116 PM

Alright it’s done, balls in Ben’s court. I really hope I can go to see my family this Thanksgiving with news that I have a new job! In the meantime, need to focus on the next days.

By the end of the weekend:

  • Fix Omari contact email form
  • Update poliwat
  • laser cut first CD case for Marquettequite
  • laser cut a little gift for grandma :D
  • Update Michaelbetts. me, adding as a new work piece
  • Finish lyrics for Bonnie for us to play and record over thankskilling
  • Start on the kendrick laser piece.
  • SIMS SIMS aka, continue practicing being a sim each day

By Next Friday the 24th :

  • Secure a job (if choco falls through, call Jordan and get hours)

By Friday, December 1st:

  • Mail MIDI controller with Schematic to Tyler in Oregon

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Friday 459 PM

Palo alto, city of the snooty booty. your side glances while with your man tell me you looking for some new booty.

LOL on caltrain, had a very fun scoot here.

Today Is The Day

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