Thursday 1031PM

Do on

I told niko whats up and

niko told me whats up

daily dose lyrics

reverse kalimba

my brain is a shotgun

be shapeless

inshape shapeless
we at ross it basic

Thursday 1135 PM -==–=-==-=–==–==-=–==– alright alright alright hunters!!!! so fun

and I need to focus on these tasks before bed:

Finish mission statement for pale blue - email social good dude with contract signed

finish design for a really cool pin

Confirm that you can buy a coaster set on pale blue . fm

The final to do list Final

Take better pictures of the product, in action with coasters and people looking ridiulous using them {in the pinecone}

friday 1221 AAM

im dehydrated


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Friday 438 AM

///////////////// on the 17 again. this log is going to be a hard one to type.

me niko and kenzi just dropped Erynne off. We had a freestyle send off for acid sock and it went well.

curtis hunter lupe and I were working and having a nice hangout session in hunter’s room. Hunter picked me up, and he rigged up a desk for me using his skateboard rack, chair, and board from the cloest. It is my favorite desk right now!

Niko gave it to me straight. I kind of told him why I didn’t broadcast 4 weeks in a row. and the answer is I get ad depressesd, and especially this month I’ve been real sad about

In some ways I wasted a month of my life. I am going to do better. I am going to the chapel first thing. I might just go out there when we get home home so I can wake up there.

I need to make some desire stickes. I need to talk to people. I need to master discipline. Imagine if that could be the final piece that makes me whole.

If I master discipline,

what is discipline?

is discipline dumping a bucket of water over your head.

is it chain smoking all weekend then getting

is it holding a cigarette in your mouth without lighting it?

is discipline putting aside your dreams

for the

is discipline financial security?

twisty will teach me discipline.

go to bed hungry ?

take cold showers?

discipline training

it disgusting

how do I master discipline?


ghandi was poor and highly discplined
jesus was poor and highly discilined

why you trying to be discovered
when discovery right here

friday 549 am

fuck may

(1) going to bed hungry

Today I Choke On The Horsepill Of Reality

2018-05-31 22:25:01 -0700 -0700

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