but I always wanted to be more than a musician
a composer
a songwriter
a writer
a playwright
I never wanted to stop play
a playwright
I always wanted to be a scientist
a physicist a mathematician

I always wanted to walk without chains  
the mark of the beast
why are you paying
for something that makes you sick
because it opens you to the world
if used right
while being designed to poison your mind
I want to be more than a composer
a composer of song
composer of word
I wanted to be more than a speech writer
Plan Z was absurd

I wanted
I want
it doesn't matter
because I am not my brain
but I don't have the brain
for math for science
outside the patron's efforts
I know this and it took years to be okay
damn down right alright
and now here I sit
on a train to visit uncle ray tonight

if frank moved out of the states
when shit was getting late
and he loved the national
what paper is there for me
that isn't propaganda?

To Be More Than a Musician

2020-02-08 20:16:24 -0500 EST

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