Friday 1057 AM

I can healthily say I’m disapointed in myself.

But I got great tape doing an interview with Mitch.

Tonight I’m interviewing Moxie.

The RULE that I learned fucking TWICE - don’t get high before interviews.

It’s only their graciousness that carries it.

So when I want something, I need to get in the habit of mentally postponing it,

I have gotten so stuck

Friday 1243 PM

I am not sane

and I am fine with my craziness

and I’m fine with That

but I need to work

Do whatever you can do for long periods of time. I can work in the studio for long periods of time, so therefore that’s where I should spend my time.

Friday 637 PM

About to interview Moxie.

Feeling better after speaking with Arlene and Ramsey.

I turbo or


Exploring the human condition through my sound library.


Tic For Tat

2018-01-26 10:57:23 -0800 -0800

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