Tuesdat 1146 AM

outside with kenzie KETO DIET DAY 3

we had omelettes - sooooo gooooood.

I lost my passport and have been searching high and low for it. I think I’ll tackle Ben’s car again in search. But it feel like it’s in vain.

I really need to get groceries and am completely out of money, and have no phone.

My laptop crashed the other day but I managed to fix it last night. The radioshow is tonight and I really need to construct an outline right now stat as well.

The verdict: I need a new battery for my laptop -

lost my EBT

Tuesday 1201 PM

Alright one thing at a time. First off I’m going to finish the outline in ableton for the show.

what am I

this isn't written


I'm 26 years old!!!!!!

-m -n -d

^^ Michael, Nick, Darlene

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friends of pale blue

will and val

How could a catholic bachelor be a jewish mother?

Find out tonight on pale blue spot - 90.1 FM @KZSU

tuesday 121 PM

lol listening back to tape I keep saying the wrong name and no one corrects me lol

tuesday 159 PM

Learn religion from atheists

### daily dose

id be suprised if it didn’t id be suprised it I wouldn’t id be suprised if I couln’t I can do it all except for what I can’t yall


Throwing Bolts in a Tree Gotta Find Ebt

2018-07-10 11:45:50 -0700 -0700

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