I’m broke because I stopped working my web development job over a month ago. I’m out of money. I’m on a spending freeze. Being home is useful for that.

We were joking the other night and Chad said a good one “I’m so broke my most broke friend said I was broke”

When you are this broke you can see price tags on all your possessions. I made a pact to sell anything that isn’t related to Poliwat. I’m throwing all resources into the Poliwat basket. I’m going to focus on executing this idea as good as I possibly can. I believe it will always be an open source project. I think that’s the most prosperous way to go about things too.

Selling my Nintendo switch after I storm Calamity Gannon’s castle just one time. I don’t care if I’m homeless - I can still work on Poliwat in the library. The world is my oyster. I can no longer be a slave employee wasting my life. There are too many humans doing that already. I’m going to be an employer and owner. My ideas are good, I will be rewarded if I hunker down and execute my ideas better.

This Is Why Im Broke

2017-09-15 19:47:10 -0700 -0700

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