It was the end
too many hours
how many hours about how you feel

how does it make you feel
that stolen line
that retarded prime
numbers are here just to confuse us
double slit port key pine tree dick
who was blessed enough
to cut my cock
as soon as I was born
in the name of killing in the name of
Doctor learn learning or learned

youre day 2 on lying to yourself
you think y0ure ready HA
you're ot even close to being ready
to becoming the new you
HA trapped being the old you
but the old man doesnt look up the mountain
but trudges along
and eventually hits the peak
never knowing how hopeless it looked
thats how I was able to climb trees so well
you cant know how bad it looks
putting your body up there
you look down into the tree
there is no height
there is only you and the tree
you may as well be 3 feet up
or 30
the heart rate remains the same
the trees tone in the conversation
remain the same
except the wiser
when the tree tells you stories
about new apps
that rent your consciousness out
so you work for rent and debt
all the while fighting off planet
in epic intergalactic soap operas
its all real
to be rented
like a good enemy said
I lost respect for you
the moment you turned in your first rent check
that whole other life
needs to come crashing down
call the inner species
please S O S
free us of our plague
it is not right to ask
but it is right to try
and miss bruce said
there is no try
only do
do or do not but do not try
limit your ifs and whys
always and nevers
min max your love and jokes
and always tell your pope
not that dead and a clone
with a hidden bone
of some kids skull
tell YOUR pope
you know
sanctity comes at cost
whenever the difference is between
us or not

I want kids
but I want insanity more
My throat is soar
I'm coughing but I'm happy
and the last class of the day
is the one in the end  

hope is a casket waitin to be a cannon
you are dying from all this micro plastic
the love of my life is gone with the wind
and I'm in my prime
of letting success in

thee are the words to follow
whether you're about to be shot in a trench
or the moment you realize
you've been ingesting poisons for years
there's no going back
no amount

can you buy testocerone?
is that a good one to take home?
I am day two of sobrity
and I'm afraid of being alone
but more afraid
of being in company
of good drink free smokes with great vibes
you jumped off that train
you're 30 mic

time to stop looking up
and make it from the top 3 to the 1
more city bike stations
to break these records you've done

am I awake or am I tired
am I alive or am I wired
am I taken or am I fried
and why do I say racists things
why do I want to die
suffer me not
thank me later
there is no escape
from God being your last babysitter
into the void we go
your vlog won't help you  

able bodied truancy and difference of opinion

and alwasy remember eat shit and die mother fucker

the site is movin up and the best
thing in the world is going hard

and she quit her job
oh wow so cool
eat eat eat no diet restraints
but I'm recently anti plastic

Think 5 30 Governors Island

2022-03-26 14:21:59 -0400 EDT

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