Friday 801 AM

A late start but talking with Cripsi and its tight

fell asleep to this gem last night

stop overeating
my opinion in one word


is the one work I take


God, it does quite nice with
the lemons in the yard

friday 651 PM

microdose friday

and I’m regressing to tasklists:

update poliwat catuchup poliwat

— but that journey requires

titles 50 shades of mic

organize the fresh audio/video

make standard title animation for poliwat / intros / outros / ‘don’t call me mike’

50 shades of mic masterlist
off the top of the dome

freestyler's anonamous mic
alcoholic's anonamous
sim mic
emotional mic
wireless mic
condensor mic
dynamic mic
buddhist mic
jaded mic
single mic
natural mic
nature mic
christian mic
mormon mic
jewish mic
michelle mic

why mic
who mc
what mic
when mic
how mic

family mic
chrismtas mic
halloween mic
phobia mic
existential mic

expectations mic
orientation mic
eyes closed mic
eyes open mic

don’t call me mike mic

google mic
facebook mic
twitter mic
reddit mic
4chan mic
patreon mic

antidepressant mic
stretching mic
yoga mic
dance mic

lofi mic
hifi mic

schizop mic

Friday 723 PM

In the car with chad, we heading back from Sean and Ashley’s

my mom gave me 40 bucks for some shoes and socks (I’m borrowing some of chads old skate shoes)

but we never made it, so I’m going to give her the money back and ask if she could instead

get back online for the year, because as of this moment, it fell down.

I’m completely out of money and have gone so far as to not know what I’d do with it personally,

except to give to the people I trust, then I trust they’ll take care of me. That’s how the whole ship should run. I just imagine living in a bunch of interactive sandboxes, and money fucks with that illusion. A good micro day I don’t wanna be alive is playing on the radio.

industrious mic survivor mic barefoot mic


Theres Nothing to Be Done

2018-09-21 08:01:09 -0700 -0700

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