The Transcendental Number

Wed 1108 PM

  pi is a trans number

Internet went down

78% nitrogen in the air

It’s hard being this vulnerable I want to stop but I can’t because being vulnerable makes you strong strong boop boop

got 1000 confucious canoes in

played skip bo with bonnie

Was in a foul mood until hanging out with Mila for an hour. Babies are cool. it was ‘tummy time’ where Bonnie lies down next to her in the baby room with Mila’s head tilted to the right, on her stomach. Then She would call her name and Mila would try to turn her head to see her.

Going to go meditate under the stars and sleep on the trampoline.

The Transcendental Number

2017-09-27 23:07:50 -0700 -0700

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