Sunday 916AM

woke up at camTed’s new place in north beach, spent yesterday moving a bunch || slept on the couch in the kitchen || chad’s going to come pick us up but is stopping to see soph in watsonville for a few hours lol, we’ll move tomorrow essentially. I want to walk to get everyone breaky but denis is asleep afraid couldn’t get back in || maybe I should just sleep a moment ?

today is all about packing / organizing | it was a good run in SF and I kinda wanna come back kinda don’t. It’s great hear it’s just I want to experience other places while sf remains my favorite city. was really horny while moving then when me denis and cam were getting gas before returning the uhaul, fireworks went off and it was like the explosions in the sky made me instantly less horny and I was repaired. ||

|| asd ||

still groggy sleepy from yesterday a lot was done moving wise what should we do with our last day ? internet is real slpw at the new place this morning | |

It doesn’t seem to be working || || || || || || || || || || ||

Sunday 103pm

had real nice walk up to coit tower we kept calling cult tower, croissants and blak coffee, teddy and cam are about to take flights to NY ++ toronto, I’m gearing up, chad’s on his way matt said ben’s having a party in richmond and they got a drumset on location with a sound permit, pride is GOING DOWN, cool shit in general ||

make operating out of a tent in my parent’s backyard , that’s the launch of the stream

|| she was awake for most of it ||

The Last Day of June 2k19 Diagnostics Report

2019-06-30 09:16:19 -0700 -0700

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