TLDR = finished album, stopped journaling, quit everything, gone jogging, daily biking, got healthy maintenance, got rehearsal space 20 minute bike ride away, playing drums, practicing songs, got stressed, got depressed, now here.

I forgot I journal to feel better. That’s why my logs sound a little anxious, it’s usually a release so you can go out and smile and dance and sing and read and be fully me. But now that it’s been so long, and I’m still waking up - I don’t have much to write about.

I messaged a bunch of 2nd and 3rd cousins on 23andme, and got 5 responses. I was reaching out to setup a chat.

I got the number to the grief counselor my sister’s using. I told Bonjo I would hit up our half sister while I’m here too.

The ‘real’ only reason for my sadness is in whatever stage of grief I’m in. I have great friends and I haven’t been the greatest, but I want to be.

Becca and I are going to practice at the rehearsal space later today, and I’ll make it a goal to get more of the next album done of the PBD Singles stuff. Listening to old piano tape I’ve never heard before, mixing it in ableton. Added a small amount of tape delay, compression, reverb, EQ. It sounds nice and zony.


Listening to Debussy trying to brainstorm a gameplan for helping mom.

The GOAT Death of Chubby Hubby

2020-06-25 09:01:43 -0400 EDT

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