find myself @ supreme pizza again cause I my soul needs it. Didn’t get home till like 7 am, was hanging out late with Louis and his cuz Kevin. Kevin had 60 pounds on me but we grappled in the alleyway with all the art next to noisebridge and he got me in the end but I made him bleed all over his favorite shirt on accident. Louis used seltzer water to get it out and it worked great.

All the peros went to bolinas except ted Cam - just had a great talk with Ted after waking up.

Last night I walked into noisebridge around 6pm to make a little hutch shelf thing, but it was so funny - my buddy javy told me to ask if I could play a set, and I couldn’t it was all filled up but I did live visuals and it was a huge hit. Today I’m going to take advantage of my slow stuff and get footage for this new project I’m now colabbing on with this artist Nina, that makes cool air plant necklaces, it’s like a little plant, looks like aloe vera but there’s others, its cute you just spray the plant like you would a cat. Reminds me I need to water the plant in the room. I’m about 400 short for rent, but got the podcast online, and last night basically Mana is super down to get me paid video work, then this other new buddy Michael will give me 50 bucks to do a colab vid for one of his vids, it’s going to be L I T T Y || then also Mana has some regular spot where I can do live vizzys too so I think I’m going to do that. I think I’m just going to get a seedy loan from the mafia or something and get the equipment I need to do Professional Live Visual stuff cause I have a knack for it and it’s real rewarding work. Met a lot of cool people last night, also the bartender volunter Joey and I are going to work on laser cutting from our original photos - we’re helping each other out now. Makes me want to stick around the area for sure now,

also there’s this monthly underground hip hop show I absolutely have to hit now michael told me about | he makes beats|


Louis and kevin blew my fucking mind with select eps from death love and robots

my soc media posts need to lokey be remixes of medium clickbait lol

So tldr; I’m in vizzy mode

the vizzys are how I can kepp track of my stories

an artist

The Gaps in My Head

2019-04-28 18:20:42 -0700 -0700

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