Sunday 1137 AM

Listening to Gwen right now outside. Krishna, Jana a and coleman we’re all having our morning coffee spliffs.


update I smoked all day and was an idiot by 10 pm - but Hunter and I hung out and max and we got a lot done -

hunter and I made a beat and I got a lot of momentum for poliwat.

He lent me his nice camera so no more excuses I can do this.

I can do better.

I don’t know as I’m getting back into a sober groove right now, I like to think that the next lesson I need is always going to be in the next action. ( even shitty actions, it’s hard to escape a lesson )

But I don’t have a lack of actions. My body is sore. I perform a lot of tasks on most given days.

I don’t know I think lock down is the only solution right now and one of the hardest parts is to enjoy the ride during the shitty parts

I fell asleep to RAMAT! on repeat. It’s a simple beat where Tamar helped me play a polychord - and her talking in the background from hanging out.

wow just found my 36 gb card in the makerspace filing cabinet. Fuck yeah!

The First Day In I Dont Know How Long Its Been

2018-05-13 11:37:07 -0700 -0700

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