Thursday 1252 PM

2 things

making spagetti


I slept from midnight, woke up for an hour like a good dad and made some breakt fast for myself and Erin, and helped Kenzie and Erin

Kenzie and Erin were leaving for LiB so I helped them a bit, then took a hot shower and feel hard back asleep. Even a cup of coffee couldn’t wake me.

I needed to process everything that happened yesterday, it was the first micro in a while. Now it’s all about action. Like it always was.

Officially Max and I are the only ones in this house for the next 5-6 days! So Gwen and he sweetie never grabbed the carport, and it’s going to rain tomorrow, so I’m going to bring the makerspace vibe up into the living room.

Also I double booked, Celia and Rebecca to sing on my grasshopper track tonight. I’m kicking myself cause Celia leaves in a freaking week, I should’ve hungout with her more and done wwwaaaay more recording than one freaking session.

Celia leaves in a week so I really wanna focus on her cause I have this note sheet where she is in like 4 tracks on the album. Which is coming out June 17th

june 16th is tupak’s birthday - perfect for the debut

I helped Kenzie and Erin with some final packing

Thursday 113 PM

I’m a feminist and a fan on Jordan Peterson

I hate idealogies

equality of outcome

profession is a passion or I lose to fear

my glasses unclear

wow poliwat has almost 1000 files I just realized

loading simulation

alright future mike I got one message

fuck you fuck rent fuck yourself get fucked get fucked up don’t give a fuck

I don’t curse anymore

calm down I just showed up Im not showing off yet save your focus for the final act

I get an email everyitme a michael betts dies I get an email every time trump signs something I”m too high to read it a government document good if you don’t have nyquil and you’re sick

keep these internal preaching idealogies



surf the world

underhugged bros under read hoes

** ** underlying analogy uundner your choice of words

word choice

Friday 1208 PM


life quests

big doink in

The Deep Sleep To Lucidity And Hackathon Day 1

2018-05-24 12:52:29 -0700 -0700

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