Fasting today, just coconut oil coffee. Just exported a funny little home video of helen becca and gina. Going to go for a bike ride soon. || How ironic is it that my hard drive, with all the important files, broke? In quarantine? It just forces me to go simple life.

Acting Exercise No. 1

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The Wall

Camera on the human facing just a wall. Their object is to start having a conversation with the wall. To get from point A to point B linguistically, and physically. Look back at the footage to see how much emotion is being shown but just seeing the back of the individual.


Rode Becca’s bike and filmed around a rainy Brooklyn for nearly two hours. Scouted out the Pier where the VR facilities are, got into an old building right on the water that had an open door, 4 floors of brick and not a soul to be found. Had fun filming signs and I want to collage it later.

It looks like it’s more the time to upload and share things because everything’s in the process of crashing. That’s just the sense of the media today.

Gina made us old fashions, Becca is cooking dinner, Helen is writing and tonight we’re having a live stream performance show after dinner. I want to perform firstish and then smoke weed for the first time in a long time. Tried to call Ray cause he called a few times last night, he didn’t answer. Second day in a row my mom didn’t answer as well. Kevin Craig Chad and Aaron are all invited to a recorded group call podcast show tomorrow at 10pm my time. Craig and I want to make that a weekly thing and he just cashapped me another 20 bucks for giving more recommendations for the audio visual rig. ||

|| Gina probably thinks I'm a psychopath but I'm not - just a little weird ||

Already look forward to biking tomorrow. I quit smoking cigarettes but earlier while Becca and Helen were doing taxes, Becca asked me to go to her jacket pocket in the closet and grab her wallet, and in the search I found a pack of parliaments, so I snuck one out on the stoop.

Helen didn’t like that nightmare poem about her in her words, but in her actions she LOVED IT. <3

What am I going to perform tonight? Not sure, I’ll wing it. I’ll make the effort and setup the equipment now too.

Going to setup and be a cooking assistant for the night now, signing off while downloading Da Vinci again to complete a morning thought that was not easy in vdmx or ableton. Da Vinci will complete the triangle. I just need to make sure to upload so I don’t have to delete stuff. The broken 4 terabyte drive I have is making me die. Dealing with less than 100 gigs free so that’s about 2 weeks. Times ticking. Too bad the internet sucks dick here A G A I N so help me god.

The Art of Simplicity

2020-03-28 11:32:34 -0400 EDT

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