Rendering the lemonaise first week show, hopefully we’re doing it again next saturday and it’s even better :D ||

Fun day I’m in high spirits cause a phone is coming in, and finally talked to Niko last night and watched Carrie which is a real inspiring film in general.

This was helen’s alcoholic uncle https://archive.defense.gov/photos/newsphoto.aspx?newsphotoid=2645


That render was too big so doing another one with Becca’s help. We’re all working at the table in the gothic dining room. || I can’t wait to get my phone ahahaha.

too many projectss to do, what next oh lawd lol I wanna go out and smoke then shower while I can. || I don’t get how notifications turned on

pop goes the notif

up I click

up I clap

up I tap

May as well go record a song I suppose

The Alien and the Fly

2020-03-30 12:37:21 -0400 EDT

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