Friday 11 07 AM

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About to go help Niko build the foundation for a workshop he’s doing on building adobe homes.

I’m always behind schedule but this day is lining up great. After adobe life I’ll scoot down the hill and take down to Hunter’s house. There is no POLIW.AT without Hunter, and we’ve just talked about it so far! It’ll be the first session with physically touching the vest and components, it’s super fun. It goes family, friends, POLIW.AT as far as reasons not to kill myself. I constantly zone out and imagine what I’ll be able to do with POLIW.AT in these different acoustic environments.

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Friday 1123 AM



worst dealer I just give it
Katie’s bday I feel it
On my way with adrienne!
See you see you when
I late, always high outside
Helicon touch coming to you
That the looper magic
Those that master the loop
The game

I got my vocalist looper
For dem bday Shubat loops!

Next time I go out
Ima teach god a lesson

Got a lesson from the drunk shaman

Avery Bick Nick Kush Makenzie Vasquez Cameron Mehrabian Teddy Alexander Gus Alexander Darlene Franklin Brian Euric Adrienne Victoria Lundry Andrew Peele David Dunn Katie Shubat Celia Rath Hadley Simone Cas Jack Rogers Amit Sabag Cynthia Wiseman Julia from the trailer park - I would pick more daisies poem Crispi
(Appears in Ep 2) Erin

Pale Blue Musicians

Prickly Pair (Appears in Ep 1)

mtfk (Appears in Ep 1)

Jimmothy Leary (Appears in Ep 1)

POLIW.AT (Appears in Ep 2)

ACID SOCK (Appears in Ep 2)

Cryptic Flow

Kushberry Jams

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The best way to is to represent everyone in a non human first kind of way


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