but i didn’t say anything stupid like that’s how I get better or it soothes my soul or its a deal breaker or any of that shit || I just left it clear and stear way like the way the rich around me allow me to really be DGAF and write and I love it and I neer got drunk at a whole foods and doubt this will be the night cause 4 ipas down I’m on a good one, not drunk just gotta piss - down to go start drinking so red flag or green flag I’m all of them until I’m caught by some producer or someone rich or the AUGsyDHJKAN operatives that run the show <3 so signing off more songs to ahiUDJSKN {write!}

# [[that’s aosidjksadfja]]

like sidebar side car
if she's going to maintain
BFF ex BF on the side
doesn't know about me/us
that means I can have
^^ && ** (( ))
no limits just
even the score
that's what
wearing the pants mean
doing what you need
to do to get
more women in power
the more the merier
so I ask
where the rich
cougars at that need nothing
but a good time
from a good christian mic
cause when the cougar zooms outa the jungle
just casual zooming out
not thinking too much(michael)
how many times you gotta chase desire to know it
some get stuck in it
there's so much more
spoken and unspoken
if 95% of the population looks fake
I'd say there's about 2k-200k actual people on Earth
and some rich psychos that produced the georgia stones
want a population at that place

Thats What Wearing the Pants Mean

2019-11-25 12:14:17 -0800 -0800

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