when people’s understanding of magnets
falls off on the fridge

Walk up to a stranger and tell them you’re not acting yourself ——————————— - ——————————————————

|| make uncle R a fridge magnet ||

After home video make QUARANTINE LIFE BROOKLYN \ ———————— \ ———————— \ ———————— \ ———————— \ ———————— \ ———————— \ ————————

Great mothers day, sent mom her video I made her, helped helen make an audio project for her mom, and walked with gina and becca for over an hour so gina could buy a bike, and filmed a bunch, then becca and I made BLTs for everyone and then me helen and becca hit the park and had a nice time - it was a much needed day of rest. Vunderbar!

Tell a Stranger You're Not Acting Yourself

2020-05-10 10:23:55 -0400 EDT

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