Monday 1018 AM

Sitting in my new room. I haven’t done any decorating yet, and have been sleeping on a sleeping pad / bag combo the past two nights. It’s been swell, with a tinge of freaking out. I haven’t vocalized my freakout among friends, we were too busy having a fun time.

Just got off the phone with SR, it looks like they liked me at camp enough to include me for more dates! I’ll for sure be a subnaturalist for my 26th birthday, which seems like the best thing ever.

It’s a rainy day in the woods, so a perfect day to figure out life choices.

PSYC 150 - 01 Social Psychology of Flimflam

Monday 1221 PM

What a slow rainy day! I migh’ve caught a little cold or something. Or I irresponsibly microdosed and it slowed my roll. You will loose your head if you don’t focus for the duration of a micro, with a clear goal to deliver.

I got my class picked out for the spring in order to finish my degree, and now will figure out finances.

I’m real scared to checkout my bankaccount. I want to pay off my whole credit card too.

I’m probably out of money completely since selling the car.

I need to apply to those jobs with a video resume.

Met a sweet new friend Andy, he loves Zappa as well :) > ..

Tecnhicolor Selffe

2018-02-26 10:17:39 -0800 -0800

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