tea time for me always will be when I started
to write because writing doesn’t cost anything
but I got to the point of the music I wanted did

log line Sunday 1127 pm

then there was one. one writer left after the godfather I’m procrastinating supposed to be writing some shit for this book report job but want to finish a god damn draft of this piece of shit book first so lets just try from the beginning.

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  • Love As Capital

Verse 7 // The Human and the Curtain

What’s a good sequence to show
Which brings us to the artic and then   

>be me
>28 years old
>second april in a row GF pays my share of rent
>can’t work #corona

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and its the arctic and in enters poor balls with picasso

theres two lesbians in a bar int eh artic
and with that special intensity that comes after just about two lesbians in a hick bar,

patents are going down and making it big

and the the little fat prince crash landed in the city

and the nicknames came

your narrator is a caterpillar
with the hopes of one day becoming

A) Mayor
B) Mayonaise Clean
C) Michael
D) Butterfly

	- Love as Capital

Ever imagine your crush shitting in a dirty parking garage? Go talk to them. See how much more relaxed you are? Great Thank me l8tr k thanks BAI

	- Love as Capital

Ever wonder why master list

() you hear weird shit
() your life isn’t what it could’ve been
() your money isn’t wat
() When all whistleblowers aren’t heard of
() and everyone you know doesn’t give a shit about whistleblowers and the ones that do are too stressed out to be effective.

  • First, please link any example websites you LOVE, that you’re generally aiming for, and any images you like that you find inspiring for what you want your website to be like
  1. Name of your Business/website and a brief description of it:
  2. Do you want products for sale online?
  3. Your company story (about us):
  4. What services do you offer?
  5. (optional) What are people saying about your work? (preferably a picture of a person and a quote of what they’re experience with you)
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[[ Now the world is full of pussies and soy boys and the anger that would have helped has been hindered because we are under attack by something || and what the bible is so correct about is completely wrong and wrong in it’s own unique right. the fact stands that other entities exist, that the universe as we know it is but a fraction of the actual universe, that angels demons and aliens can be one in the same or all or none, that the governments of the world are sweating 24 7 to ensure the survival of our species,

and then there’s the extra credit sort of life. ]] [[

]] [[

]] <!–


Read [] What did you read?

Write [] What did you write?

Create [] What did you make?

Exercise [] Dance workout (or otherwise)

Audio [] You recorded what:

Visual [] You filmed what:

Finish A [] You bounced what track:

Live [] You sang what song(s) live:

Finish V [] You made what visuals:

Phone [] You called who:

Share [] You uploaded what to Archive:

Website [] You did what to Paleblue.fm:

Website [] You did what to poliw.at:

Love and Legacy [] You did what for friends/family:

God [] You’re grateful for what:


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