Thursday 337 pm

sutro baths, zen last => helen walked up to pee and talk with her mum - I’m backing up this compy to wipe it tonight to install native instruments stuff to make pale blue live, the last show of the guererror apartment!!!! !


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this is the too long didnt read

took 4 flash drives to make the backup in the next 12 hours, each day is so important for moving the ship (though ship seems slow captain ) forward

who knows at this point I have a nice buzz and I stopped by arvhicew today to see if jonah the main server guy was in to see when I couldmake an upload, but he was super busy it wasnt a good time - will try and just show up tomorrow ?

||| ||| ||| ||| ||||| ||| I’ll just show up tomorrow cause life’s short and I’d love to record brewster again. they wouldn’t say no but it would be weird I suposed, but it wouldn’t if I’m trying to upload like 7 hard drives of my own content onto archive in order to help people use it -

but also the proposal but also life but also not a dollar in my pocket how am I to move out but also maybe becca will come in clutch but also maybe craig or peter will take me in but also I want to die most the time but also please just let me make media good for the people but also I can do producing for minimum wage but also I’d do it for free cause I’m about it but also help but also it’s been weeks without a wallet now but also good thing Im cute she said but also Im 20 straws beyond my last straw but als helens back


2019-06-20 15:37:30 -0700 -0700

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