Wed 1 PM

Sustainability Sanity Love === Sanctimony agressiveness, horniness

Jack and I rushed with our packs to Caltrain Hayward Park across the wet pavement with my on my scooter and him running. We barely made it!

Heading to SF where we’ll get groceries and Stefan / Ariel / Siobhan will pick us up. Then we’ll head to a cabin in Bolinas for the night.

"God damn it I wish I hadn't fallen"
- Jack

Jack slipped and fell on the yellow tactile plate.

It’s been a while since I wrote a decent post, and there are a few reasons for this. For one, today marks the 30 day mark of having consumed not a drop of alcohol. That date needs to be double checked, but I’m pretty damn sure. Next, I spent a lot of time working odd jobs over the past month for family and friends.

Third, I wanted to simplify my life. I had to take a break from my 8 projects. I’m focusing on only 2. The radio shows and the sims sims. The rest will come in good time.

Fourth, I wanted to build some new habits. The writing habit feels like a switch I can turn on when I want to.

Fifth, I had to reflect on poliwat, outside of poliwat. It’s tempting to shut down an online journal, even if few read it. That’s because those whom read my journal are better fit to manipulate me. I hope they manipulate me for the better. Because manipulation and accountability share the same roof. There’s this invisible trust I’m throwing out there.

Sixth, poliwat is evidence that I live with my philosophies inline.


After talking with Jack, poliwat will continue. I make better choices when I write down what’s happening. When I record what’s happening.

Bolinas is going to be so MUCH FUN!

Wed 429 PM

Sustainability Sanity Love

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