Sunday 108 PM

I’m pissed

real pissed.

all I’ve got done today is 25 pushups / 50 confucious canooes / took my laptop apart. heading to the store for the second time with my dad to get a bunch of tiny star screwdrivers. I’m just going to get a kit of 1-10mm for this time and in the future.

Of the two meetings I scheduled with friends today, both forgot, and I should’ve completely been expecting that. Google calendar doesn’t mean anything with friends.

But I did get some zelda in this morning, and killed a Lynel while balancing on a big exercise ball. I didn’t eat the best today so far so I need to up my game. I got git init 6pack!

Made a quick video of some ab exercises and sent to Jack - he’s helping name them. Then I’m going to produce music and a workout circuit that’s spirituality and the 12-step program based. I’ll make a draft of the whole idea and then pitch it to this other Michael Betts who is a fitness trainer!

I’m going to ask for him to be my ‘ab sponsor’ and we produce a workout video together AA - abs anayonmous

I have gogole alerts setup so that for any Michael Betts that pops up in the news I get an email. Lately this Michael Betts that’s a personal trainer has been featured in articles and has a bunch of twitter followers. It would be amazing to produce a video with him.

I gave Jack full control of wespr a couple days ago and helped him redesign the site a bit, it’s looking sweet! Going to officially start an LLC when I get back from Michigan.

I’m less angry now that I worked out a bit. There’s always a healthy way to manage emotions, and it’s fun to use them to your advantage. Going to practice some Kendrick now.

858 pm Sunday

Chad medicated me so I feel great. mixed 2 of the instrumentals for [the center of github]() project, open source music for emotional people. I need to run the stems through Ableton then bounce it up to a new repo

@chad’s house, I will call him soon he’s at Jacob’s B day BBQ. I don’t go out because I need to get this shit done.

Monday 128 AM

Didn’t smoke or drink anything today

Chad and I are posted up to sleep on the trampoline currently. It’s a nice night. He’s hearing Jack’s first ep for the first time. I heard him mutter ‘nice’ just now.

We Freestyled for hours outside his house with Kevin. We got a sweet speaker and there was some good material.

Also I kind of hated most of I heard today. My instrumentals for github . center don’t sound good at all . In fact I kind of hate them at this point. But I think that’s a combination of the speakers, my computer not behaving correctly, and tripping out.

At the end of the day that one person said composition is primary listening. You need to trust your ears. I trust mine entirely. I think it was the volume of everything. Everything seemed too loud yet empty, or too quiet and ineffective when I lowered it.

Did about 200 pushups today, and I’m not soar. Yet. We’ll see about tomorrow.

[Tyler]() helped me troubleshoot deploying this website, and he said it was a pain in the ass. And it was, none of the guides on netifly worked the way they should, each of the 4 we tried had obscure errors. Tyler went to [michaels]() then I finally had some luck with firebase. I remember getting firebase glasses before they were bought by google at [Y Combinator]().

Feeling the tired genes now for sure.

Star Screwdrivers

2017-07-30 13:07:16 -0700 -0700

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