but nobody wants to hear about white slaves they have to be black oh god nobody wants to hear about white slaves

she said
she said
if we understood it better
etymology I mean
insert etymology argument
insert hear
she comes in with that whole
that whole
if you weren't the only one
you don't deserve a documentary
blah blah lol la la not
there's other places she stands
this one she doesn't

a documentary without that something
at some point flourished
but my jacket is itchy
and my whites are falling
down my shirt

the unick
harsh terms
but now Answer
as to how many

cause how many is the best argument
oh wait who is speaking right now
is it me or is it you
again or not
where do you go
when you aren't
cmon come back
there you weren't
only words never out loud

cia pays
for the lak of enlightenment
in public pays
pays competitive
iiinnsseerrtttt  eexxaaammppleee
viidddddeeeoooo ggammmeeee hhheeeerrrreeee

the celebration for

they can watch me now

when you agree and wanna say
what she's sying, like  
movies aren't just made for money
they are made for your programming

but in a less harsh way as programming

money isn't the only factor in
a films creation

the nytimes equivalent
'fit to print'
when the dailiest readers
top tier are jeopardy masters
quiz masters
mastered what
being human with a
degree a pool
of information
flexing it in public
on the train platform
only the oldest
whitest names
never had to be the richest
but god damn as far as approahces
one with a game show and
comes in on the platform

well unwillingly

I loved them and their suit's
representation for it.

far and away
did my back pain lay to stay
when you're hungry and wasted
and wanna nother hit
or a spliff
but you're out of weed
but now you know
where a real pint is
and you  and your drink
are in better order ::

burned my own bridges
espionage style
like if the leader
burnt their bridges just
outside moscow


no comment its in notes offline cause the internet won’t work


Spikey Ass

2020-10-26 20:38:57 -0400 EDT

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