my gifts bring harm to me,
Like fruit trees,
packed till picked,
ripe till ripped,
freestyler's anonymous,
my gifts bring harm to me,
like fruit trees
let them be!
to let them be or not to let them be
let our word abuses be only un-sanctity  


In a world where there’s no such thing as late, we arrived on this date. Spaceship Earth made it into my book, and it’s just wonderful guitar banter and ground wars at home.

I was watching Lynch’s Dune to procrastinate earlier, talked to Pero and generally am at home getting everything ready to launch. Gina said the fruit in my glass are constantly changed positions.. She’s in the shower now, Helen will be in the shower soon. I’m working tonight on writing and painting, this is the place just to cordially log happenings. Helen’s been feeling sick all day. She hit her head hard on her new desk she hates. And I drank 1-2 tallboys talking to my mom and matt outside a church in the peak of the pandemic, I have no one else to blame if I get sick. I’m beyond being a carrier, cause the cobwebs of the internet are saying the biggest meteor is hitting august 16th-18th, and I have 12 dollars to my name, and a free book released as a pdf in the makes. The book doubles as a card game. As if anyone alive cared - it’s for future generations. I’ll die in a trench unknown is the situation. What’s wrong with that if we were light for an eternity and are birthed only to pass through? I’m here to make an impact but doubt I’ll live to see it. Not that my work thoughts or life is significant - it’s just that Becca living with me said I have more going on in my mind than a bar full of people - so let that be solace for him myself and me, I haven’t smoked or drunk much, and tonight is a rare exception. Back to work.

Spaceship Book Report From Underground

2020-04-17 19:03:48 -0400 EDT

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