Friday 146 PM

I was fucked till
moon sent me a beat

you like path
I like railings
a perfect match
for an ex
hit all the key points
I planted a flag in many a red flag

audio sounds better with the context

Fridat 207 PM

This is a little disgusting. Just came to off the stuio floor at stanford. I put a chair in front of the door in case any came in, booked the room, and played the rough state of my poliwat album on repeat. Playing tag with the alarm. I just had to sleep.

But it sucks cause I need to get this sound library to Avery, and I just feel like it’s not good enough, there’s not enough to it. I’m going to drop off what I did get done…. finally

Sitting by a fountain outside now, and there was a sick

uploading poliwat right now. I really need to fucking upload buttttttttttttttttttttttt

I wouldn’t be able to focus?

I really did a number on me. I need some lucy my brain is crying for it honestly. Sleep / pussy / and lucy

the 3 food groups === sleep pussy and lucy

how to stay ahead of AI

how to stay ahead of my virtual assistants my virtual bitches

my own cloud storage

my own

be my own

I own

be my

230 PM

I’m not feeling well I admit it. But I know this emotional state is temporary.

My fingers bleeding for some reason. I’m running out of time. I can feel it. Everything’s super hot right now - Cripsi is showing unprecendented love and support for and other are as well. I need to stop fucking with the juul, only vape THC occasionally and fucking practice singing in the woods with my vest every fucking day !!!!!!!

just listening to my music on repeat. I can’t upload it because sound cloud is connected to my inactive email - I opened a ticket with them and hope to be back on soon. This is a little too much sometimes. I could really just use a lil R&R, at my parents house lol.

friday 402 pm

no shame anymore in posting real shit on poliwat -

tequila and I broke keto for a natty ice, so weak michael mode, on account of the need to dive through an external HDD named after my exGF, only way to do it in my book and fuck her

honestly honesty best policy
so how drunk can I get
before I drive and don't get caught
game of cat and mouse
mastered it late
but a master still the same
I write poetry
cause I hate music
I make music
cause I can't help it
help you with a 10 foot pole
late to fast food to go
go go go go pro please help
you hate me for no reason
lol shitty reason

i love
getting fucked up
fucked up enough
to look
photos of dead in eyes
corrugtaed metal I
opposed opposite
temperment of my ex
but we made it work
like no other should
like no other could
fuck you
and your future lovers
for leaving a wizard  

why =_= asd a

cuase fuck you
I happier while busy
you happier while moving
guy to guy
toe to toe
knees grow weak
in prescence of greatness
don't smell well but I sniff it
you the new average
fuck that I made you dank sandwhich

master of only a honey trap

I fap
addicted to
cotard's guiding plebs through rubix cubes
just to justify to jack off

okay ‘addicted’ shows up 50 times over the past year. Convenience?

===–===-===-===-===-===-===-====-===-==-==-==== Fridat 833 PM

I juggle moments of weakness
I juggle

moments of weakness between
brief moments of clarity

going to eat without regrets, a nice reward for drink driving, orders ready!

update you won God
and also fuck you

I am at macdonalds
by myself and I ordered
enough for 3 people.

I hope you're happy, because
happiness is something I've come to not want to chase
cause happiness comes
as sadness goes  
and both are just as viable
means of existence.
I hope you're happy God,
while I am not
I hope the personification of you
attributing gender and temperment and personality
doesn't wear on you
and instead uplifts you
my humble creator
I hope you are happy God
because if you are happy while I am not

729 pm

sitting next to some cunty preteens - but they just seem that way cause of my state its possible they may be nice they may respect their elders

im eating mcdonalds becuase you suck thats why you arent here

friday 752 PM

k just read about spies on Quora while eating the serving size of 3 @mcdonalds

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

Sat 6:53 PM

  • tense and challenges sense

komkock is a nice teacher

Sound Library and Kamikazi Missions

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