saturday 1102 AM


I like condiments more than people

1256 pm

daily dose of affirmation

608 PM

Enjoying the last night before a season of sobriety. This journals going to get lit.

Jack laid down the law over the phone earlier- I am to not piss his mom off, help clean out the garage, and do a list of chores. Oh and have a check ready for 200 bucks. What a deal! Jack is going to be my main mentor in these upcoming months, I can feel it.

I like to live life in season. I’m going to put everything into this play. I’m writing tunes for it and practicing my lines.

There won’t be a serious log until moving in Chad and I are about to leave for SC tonight with all my loot in my dad’s van. We’re going to catch Steven Rodriguez’s (top of most my electronic music classes) birthday. I can’t wait!

When I come back I’ll be focused

I will log my time –=-==-=-=-==–==–==–=-=–==–=-===–=-==-===-=–=–=–==-===-=-==—==-==-==-==-=-=–==-=-=–==-=-=-=-=-==


  "I already got inoculated by the Amoeba Gods on the ninth plane"

      - Matt Keiner

Sunday 325 AM


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