Friday 10:35 AM

Well now it’s :59…

Really going through a rut…

I can’t admit what’s happening even in poliwat.

The key to naviagting with reality is to not care. Not care in a sense that you’re able to allow eveything to happen to you.

Poliwat is the one way I can organize my mind, and ensure that I’m on the right path. Yesterday I attempted to smoke as much weed as I possibly could. The music went well but it was stoney unorganized jam city.

I’m stressed I have

I will say everyone is trying to suck my dick right now and I’d rather get better at my skills before

Friday 1105 AM

catchup on resonding to people

I need to respond to people I’m over it.

alright 26

play live set ‘art party ‘

finish poliwat

publish book

finish school

run an interactive play

run 10 minute dance piece

-=-==-==–=- -=-==-==–=- -=-==-==–=- -=-==-==–=-

update linkedIn

email Michael Chemers

Ahaha hey sorry for the late response - I’ve been going through crap off the grid at my house… I really appreciate the compliments! Ahaha I felt horny at some point while we were hanging out, but it’s probably best if we don’t :) - I’m looking for stability atm

It’s rainy so I’m going to make rainy day music I think.

I’m going to enjoy hanging out and cleaning my room I think too.

I’m gong to enjoy doing laundry in the rain

I’m going to get a date on linkedIn, no matter what

1149 AM

hmmm I can’t control myself shoot.


master document

i prefer not to defer

Something Deeply Hidden

2018-04-06 10:34:47 -0700 -0700

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