thursdat 917 AM

we made it! I went one day without smoking iThink

they don’t interact with themselves


they dont react with themselves

it doesnt even interact with itself
if you dont interact with your self
you cannot coalesce
and become something

just mentioning an event happening on another place on ea®th

at tht moment as a function

the god particles in the dog urnials evreyone loves god everyone fears god AHAHHAHA


film welcome to schizop

shot of me look at the town sign

it says schizop

if it hears you say that I think it will like it but you dont say anything stupid let yourself be stupid and get as far as me my mom’s studio lo key off the grid top the hat kinda mindset no phone making songs 12 hour sessions yea

cutting chad’s mom’s death tape missing the vape godzilla ya’ll super mario

my friends are more than the damage control they did today

future written by whose the smallest pussy


Sober September Is Ovr

2018-10-04 09:16:25 -0700 -0700

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