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ok k ok ok ok ok ok

last night recorded dope freestyles with Dimitrius and we caught up and || never spoke at the open mic thing at Node cause I was a little bitch but finishing phase 1 of the next ep, releasing an episode right now and going to right the pale blue pitch at the pale blue beach today with just a clipboard and a mirror and we all going to walk there and I’m charging the portable speaker and can’t wait !!!!!! ||

|| || I need to just start the stream and that shark loan at the corner store is looking more and more attractive by the minute. || ||

what the fuck am I doing || I need so much I gotta write my speech that’s what I gotta do now ||

pale blue speech 1

Hi Im michael betts and I’m the founder of || come now

all these museums all these people all my museums all my people ||



ok real shit I’m needing to like ||

Schedule people for live tv shows remotely, I just show up and do it on the spot out of the backpack ||


paleblue penpal



cutting tape ||


is this that night I spend 20 hours on medium to see whats up with writing scene

|| evolution no Im bouncing death tape right meow

from my soap box when she my soap opera in the northern lights   


write story of the wise man of the 36 chambers of reality ____

that yeah clidhs dsdfjksdlksdlksdff

storey of the wise man

outline { start from higher level quantum physics explanation degrade down each 3 sentences through ages to what real early homo sapiens sounded like back up to modern tech speak about ricardian contracts in blockchain }

QFT - describes all elementary particles as vibrational modes in fundamental fields that exist at all points in space and time through the universe. QED - Quantum ElectroDynamics provides this description for one such field, ElectrMagnetic field.

The pillars of QED are the description

So Much for These Hands to My Brain Beach Day

2019-05-03 10:59:37 -0700 -0700

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