wed 3555 pm

I’m so sick the sickest sicker than a dog sicker than poopoo!

I can barely sit up straight

been a good slave today making beats in chads room his parents are gone

and a thought occurred to me what if my future love is able to read this?

this is the first time I considered this. Should I write you a message? If I do it wouldn’t be that easy to find…

anyways after paul’s b day on sunday I got super sick I cann’t believe its wednesday

Monday and tuesday Zelda saw just me.

I am beating the game on master mode, kicking ass.

This is the first day back to music

I haven’t been able to think straight, so I haven’t been journalling. However historically this makes me a hippocrit becasue there are plently of logs when I’m out of my mind.

These 2 beats are coming along nicely, made mostly last night and this morning 1 made only this morning - here it is….

As always, chad did the drums 🥁

photo by my friend Ashley French

old school

422 pm

I was given the opportunity to piss on a cat, and I declined.

chad’s hoooking it up with the sick rememdy stuff

My mom was just pissed about me not being able to clean the room out so I am sick here instead. We hungout with Ashley and Sean last night, it was sick.

my friend met the president of mexico in the same conversation that he told me he also talked about a fat orgy he participated in, and that makes me think the president of mexico has his orgy on his hands. LOL

its basically time for zelda I can’t make another track I’m too fucked up sicker than a dog

I can barely type

is my new sick job

Sicker Than Poopoo

2017-09-06 15:55:23 -0700 -0700

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