wow life

i am now a short sorty a walking short story my whole life a short story

my whole life a very short story

therapy begins

people write man I write and god laughs

its not man plans god laughs

its I write god laughs

with me

I laugh with god

even in the gutter

is how stubborn you can carry

so no its not throwing the baby out with

the bath water

its your grandson taking cooking

instead of band

cause back home there’s only cereal ramin and raw meat

and the way ‘things are going’

learning to cook is more usefuly than learning to bang

push and hit

and im eating cancer today

cause I just can’t be at home

cause my dad gets his diagnosis today

how far and im smoking cancer


where do I look who first asked that

who first wrote that

who ever did was a genius

we all ask it now at some point

is it empathy

ok ok ok ok carls

fuck you you suck

ok ok ok ok proposition 65

for those of you that don’t know

you don’t live in the wonderful golden state

your sponsor didn’t tell you you’re rockstar skinny

your veteran sponsor didn’t tell you that with your intellect you could get in as an officer for intelligence

you didn’t drink wine last night and go to AA the next morning

you didn’t get picked up at 6 30

that’s not you

cause you’re smarter than that

you aren’t smoking again

you don’t drink by yourself cause you’re bored of company

you didn’t eat by yourself cause you’re obsessed with making

you didn’t see this through

this do

that re

then fa

must I explain

La - C - QT -

cmon it’s as easy as do re mi

cmon it’s as easy as 1 2 3

you didn’t answer the phone your ex that cheated on you needed help with a soundboard

you didn’t forgive her cause you love science girls

you didn’t cut out your other ex that was smarter than you

you didn’t write lyrics off her old game theory textbook

you didn’t have a bag of nerves

for a mom

you didn’t have a lazy cancer ridden dad

that lasted so long

he couldn’t have done that without a good mom

and I couldn’t’ve done marginally better

by being good to mine

my keep my woman and me

though my body is a temple

Historically how many temples get raided

that’s it. All the best do

Jerusalum has switched hands over 100 times

and I’m the best of my kind

so yeah I’ve got a chip

24 hours sober

and in 12 hours

it’ll stop being a lie

I always lived in the future anyways

was a quiet kid I spent a lot of time

playing legos silently in my own worlds

I already launched many campaigns

and that’s why it bores me now the art of war

what of the art of peace

and how to take that savage in me

untrained and impulsive to just the right way

you know me

I know you

it reads george on the back of this guys hat

your son is too young for carls JR

and my parents didn’t know that

this use to be the daily spot when we had scooter

9 boys in the neighborhood

and I’m the smartest and most talented of them all

it’s not ego it’s just fact

God was good to me

spoke to me

and now I’m out back

sleeping in a tent my parents had

found in an alleyway

and I worked with wood and make things and never sell them

cause like war, money is for children

and the adult man child in me

focuses all three

I’m an artist

took years to be unapologetic

and 7 years later I still can’t quit drink

but I’m inching closer

cause being born on a rock with so much potential

there’s a million reasons to drink

with such a beauitful species

and this is what politicians are talking about?

and this is what’s being said on TV

and this beauitful town

it’s abandoned bastard is its culture

but at least theres religious types

cause even though they’re stuck in jerking off to

revelation and armagaedeon

at least they give a shit enough

to meet up and grow spiritually

and that’s the least craziest thing to me

to grow spirtually

in the golden state

where proposition 65 is our savior

cancer is our fate

what’s a restuarant

in this town

that has not poisonous food

and today we find out just how much

cancer my dad has

and that’s why I eat for his fate

I make for his fate

and I working with wood

angle grindering chop saw sander and paint

drill and hammer

and scrap wood mate

I love it my hands can do it

its just adult legos

I make I make I make

selling is for children

like war and change

but I was supposed to write a short story

I forgot where I was

I’m at a fast food joint

I’m catching a buzz

smoke another just to cope

and today migh tbe the day

Imma hide away in the tent

this is just me speaking

cause I always get weird

when when when well

it was a good meeting

today I won’t drink

I’ll break every other rule

and I won’t drink

this is me look ma !

I’m not drinking

AA in the morning

didn’t jerk off last evening

that’s more why I feel weird

I gotta go do that

I get crazy with this dick

I get crazy just thinking

release that tension

and yeh fuck you future mic

I’m dead by the time you edit this

while I’m dead

you’re sober mic

just saw rosie

her hubby dan got it again

he said fuck chemo this time

he’s going to die a graceful death

and that was always the other michael across the street

the dad I wish I’d always had

the doctor the one with 100 old cameras

the dad I never had

but mine taught me music

and many of my peers envy this

and chris said I was a genius

I’m like no it’s a small town

small town genius. ha

worrying about the degree of your intelligence

is a sign your not

besides intellect is a great predictor for success

if you can tame that mania

that the world gifts you

because these are all

reasons to drink

going to leave and give it another shot

I won’t drink

I won’t drink !!!

Short Stories Through Acronyms

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