Sunday 2:27 PM

Made it to good old NB. At the standup desk. Just had TSS rehearsal at Dolores Park with Jack, Brian, Zoheb, and Cam. It went well!

Oops, I did it again. Had a great 2 days in SC with shiba, shubat, ariel, stefan, dani, and too many more. Great catchup with Dibs, we went to tap and walked all around the city.

Bless the world,

This morning I had to pull this bad boy out:

I just pull it on when I want a smoke. Simple works

big sorries to my buddy avery never responded under the christmas tree avery avery avery avery it’s not the sim thiings

"soori, souri"

From Brtiney Spears, toxic in the shower with only blue lightbulbs at stefan and dani’s new place on first street. It’s right at the beach. I helped them decorate. On the way to a party I stopped and we grabbed a bookcase for them. The mirage got it’s first cargo test. A Japanese five door hatchback is small. Hilarious.

Cam got an offer through Ebay!

He’s the third to Dibsify his life - working at a big corporate job. It went Dibs, Jack, then Cam. Now it’s between me, Matt Becca, and Jessie. I think I’m next.

The mantra of the rest of Sunday is organize and clean. Divide and conquer. I need tape. I need to quantity my tape. I need to get tape.

Well weed’s been legalized here and I quit nicotine on New Years, so it’s been Day 4 without any nicotine.

My stomach grumbled. We smoked a blunt after rehearsal so I’m high, going to switch to audio work.

Shibuntu Dolo

2018-01-07 14:26:52 -0800 -0800

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