Monday 1006 AM

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I miss myself
I miss myself missing you
my laptop missing a screw

mother wants out
I want in 3 meals and a cot
all I need to finish poliwat  

New fad that a Framework
new fool that a fuck

I like to hide secrets in poliwat

There are too many things to do right now, so I’m going to hunker down and tackle them one at a time. NO MORE SAUCE LOST IN SAUCE

I can’t get lost in the sauce, not till wed.

Tasklist: - make hard drive room

pale blue drives:



We smoke to cope
We cope to drink
We drink to love
We love to fuck
No fucks to give
We give to smoke


mon 128 pm

Max 10 dance piece

  • crescendo point -


monday 1122 pm

taco bell niko and pale blue dot - carl sagan the book


what’s the hardest truth

Many of the things you ‘are’ are actually things you choose to be

Looks matter.

Life is precious.

Nobody has any idea what they’re doing.

The world is full of suffering.

People aren’t watching as closely as you think they are

You have to ask for what you want

Do what you say you’re going to do

Truth is always bitter…out of my experience so far in life I feel at some point of time everyone faces the real truth of life…

hard truth

I’ll never be able to captured all sounds on earth

I can never capture all of natures beauty

You don’t share a bond with half the people you think: You don’t share a special bond with someone until after a few years, until then, your relationships are nothing but one person giving and another person taking.

I’m underdog 4 life -=-

The underdogs don’t come out on top: That’s only in comics and video games, real life doesn’t work that way. See that puny nerd fighting the jock? Yeah, he’s gonna lose, he isn’t gonna have some huge upset victory and the whole school praises him, no, he’s going to be flattened if he doesn’t deescalate the situation or unless he’s secretly awesome at fighting, but we’re assuming he’s a normal student. Therefore, he isn’t gonna exactly gonna beat the crap outta the bully, as much as we wish, it just isn’t the truth. In life, the bigger, smarter, faster, and stronger come out on top, not the underdogs, you’ve gotta work to become a champion at life instead of thinking life is gonna let you have a lucky break

We’re all going to die someday. At some point, humanity itself will cease to exist, and millions of years from now there will be no evidence that humans ever existed.

Once you realize that, life seems pretty pointless. The fact is nothing matters, so what’s the point in even trying?

The hardest truth of life is everything eventually ends. and that’s how we leave the show tonight…


mnt green = fade in
red = NO fade
white = psa/promo/phone
organge = fuego (after call)

local lofi

tues 2:39 AM in car with niko heading back from the radio station. The palo alto city council

listen to EASy by son lux RIGHT MEOW



trigger samples


Shes Sitting Pretty But New Fad That JS Framework

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