604 PM

-7 days sober

destiny I’m definielyt oo hightothinksoI’ll ony type what I see. StephenKing wrote darktower, and today we saw mount shasta. I wasinredding for I believe thefirsttime.

Yesterday we saw the eclipse! It was humbling. After that we had a great breakfast then hit Willamet park and hit the river.

so its hard to think

I made a lot of drafts for stuff went through two laptops and I’m pissed I can’t keep going.

we’re in traffic. The window is down and I’m in my underwear. Racked up in the back of this car the time has been divided by freestlying with stefan and jack, and making beats / bouncing the eclipse audio.

heading back from the eclipse. Yesterday after the eclipse, we got all our supplies to this island. the island had a lot of cool stuff, and we explored around. I was able to play in the vines in the river for a couple hours, it felt and looked like I was diving 30 feet into the river with full visibility.

It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been able to experience. The feeling is the likes of dance. With the river your a dancing partner.

I’m really fuckinghigh and we are listening to love frequency. Been singing over ifon and off with them. Recorder’s been running for 40 minutes, I’m shutting it off now. I want to keep writing. I can write all the bad stuff out. Cause writing can be seen as a muscle that can always be flexed.

IUts too bad I can’t say anything about the eclipse yet

I gotta not get this high

and I ate two cherry pies!

What a fool I was today.

I need to make more music, there were a couple developments that were working well. For example we sampled a basket of percussion instruments in the yoga studio we slept in the past two nights. I spliced them and put them in a drum kit, then bounced splices of parts of my drumkit jams. Hitting three notes at a tim was most interesting, and it is the first iteration of using shutter type percussion. Because that’s primarily what I hear when I go out in nature and walk around hitting rocks in rythym.

I want to combine some harmony styles like jacob collier and combine them with these nature-based, percussive drivien sound banks I’m collecting and creating.

help help

hrlp hrlp hrlp.wav

yesterday wasone of thebest daysof my life. the spacebar goes out.


639 pm Tuesday august

In a hyndai bobsled

I believe we slaying

calypso would be proud of it clypsing then river flow to sunset

going to read jimharrison


Thursday 235 pm

Franzen is my bartender on Sunday

Life has changed

Franzen is my favorite author. I am so pleased to meet him this Sunday. Jack and I are going to start rewriting one of his freedom chapters where all characters are birds.

-=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-=-=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= Spend 1 month, borrow two grand for equipment, just make hilarious stock footage with chad


-=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-= -=-=–=-=


Thursday 652 PM

Yet again Life has changed.


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