Fridat 5:36 PM

keyboard is messing up !! today really going to abuse this CPU

call the cops

oh yeah this is how I make updates to

lyrics go here
inside hugs with me
I dont want my next album sounding luxury

brb :D


Friday 555 PM

I got the speaker so i’m sitting pretty

today is the day I catch up on

no more excuses

I hate that I can justify everything

it’s so easy to trick myself

and yet so hard


like how am I feeling ?

no I just need to talk

writing is too linear right now

I’m tired of lines

already laid

I redraw the lines

to give precedent

to what doesn’t

my journal is on the big screen I just realized

and everyone can see

and my piano is playing in the notes


  Im not talking looks
  Im talking looks like
  I'll need 50 bucks for this piece of art
  something someone coughs
  is something I'd slit a throat guarantee

Sean Ashley Reunion on Lucy

2018-09-21 17:36:18 -0700 -0700

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