Thursday 10:32 AM


| wake up | glass of water | make bed |

thursday 519 PM

Spent the day on the laser cutter, and catching up with housemates.

downloading windows 7 because that’s what the laser cutter needs, nick’s old windows 10 laptop is too new ahahaha.

currently taking a shit.

Woke up to a quarter cig and redbull. Then max smoked me out and we worked on sampling a lofi beat together.

I want to make better music. I am just so busy with everything, and I’m so so very stressed about money.

These next 30 days are crucial to getting PBD to pay my rent. Plus I got some podcast editing so I’m stoked on that. Next week a producer from Snap is going to give a presentation in Oakland on starytelling, so I’ll go to that fully stocked with laser cut PBD tree planks. That’s a deadline. And I’ll be fishing for donations.

edit modern architect reach out to github librarian lady email dude through social good



  • put loans in forebearence


thursday 650 pm

so complicated i cant wait to get explaining youre istening in stead

so on phaser and ways of ketamine

hesis=tant oblivion

you came sent m out furling on the street


pbd pbd

is a com of tech thinkers artists janitors writers moms kids neighbors ex’s and crushes

future ex’s

athletes, poets, computer scientists, naturalists, humans with strong hands,

who are ready to drop

I think of pale blue . all the time -


I am a composer

where my instrument is people

jobs said to ozniak your a violon player

1st string

steve you play the violin you’re really good

whay to I play?

I play the orchetra I play the people

I like the bigger picture


my friend jack described pbd as a journey through a single man’s consciousness. P

Its a multi modal exploration of what it feels like to be alive, today.

Through Michael’s eyes, you see your own life. Sometimes quite literally.

My friend Nick describes pale blue . as a


turs 1111 pm

Pale Blue About Master Document

Hello! I’m Michael Betts.

3 ways to describe pbd

As a producer, it’s sort of where I’m at in life. Acoustically The romantic The

First of all, PALE BLUE DAWT is the FCC version for KZSU in Palo Alto, California.

In the episodes on, you’ll hear real life stuff. That includes all the sailor’s mouths and less pretty sides of humanity. You will also hear candid conversations on virtually any topic. I love finding passionate people that have such an intimate connection to their interests. That’s some of my favorite tape.

Pale Blue . is a relaxing blend of music, humans talking, poetry, nature sounds, and all good things sonic. It’s called Pale Blue Dot because it sounds like Life, the musical.

While doing pale blue dot - I am making these assumptions:

(1) the listener is smart, and doesn’t need to be told what they are hearing (2) NO PREACHING (3) NO Drug use { sometimes it slips in }

You cannot have a rule without an exception I’m a walking on at that

What you’re hearing

you’re hearing


kelly said after working 40 hours in customer service, that the show reminded her that there are good people in the world

after 40ish hours this week of costumer service, this show reminds me of how awesome people are”

Friday 252 AM

observance of the flow.

Friday 530 AM

Still making music

this ones for the homies


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