Thursday 723 PM

Asim picked me up from Stanford after I got a little tape reading TSS, and on our way to NB he took me to a place called Scrap, and it was fucking sick.

Purchased the case for my new Midi controller, it’s going to be made using the extra parts I’ve accumulated. I’m drawing out the schematic and laser cutting wood for the thing. In a 3D printing / Modeling class here at NB and it’s about to get started.

Got some sweet Christmas presents at Scrap and I’m going to get all my holiday shopping done there.

Today I learned about bunch of new cool shit.

Stoked to go to this tomorrow morning

This guy used to always be at noisebridge last year

Beleza Tropical: documentary with David Byrne, Susan Young and Charlie Gillett from Susan Young on Vimeo.

Getting dirty I’m so fucking



right now

Sober and fucking BUMPING Sexy RnB grooving at a podium

139 am

i just want ti eat


2017-11-02 19:22:59 -0700 -0700

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