michael savage

Here’s 50 snippets about me:

  1. I love to buy plants but I kill every single one. I aspire to one day learn how to keep them alive.
  2. I have never broken a bone or had stitches. Don’t drink milk so I don’t buy that strengthen bones garbage.
  3. I’m trying to wean myself to only buy clothing/household items used from thrift stores/yard sales to try to reduce my participation in consumerism.
  4. I’m allergic to Mr. Bubble bubble bath - break out in awful hives.
  5. I like to brew my own kombucha.
  6. My favorite movie of all time is 500 Days of Summer. Have a slight obsession with Zooey Deschanel. Had her straight across bangs for 4 years.
  7. My parents divorced when I was three and my dad was in prison most of my childhood for being a meth dealer. I met him finally a couple years ago but didn’t feel like pursing the relationship.
  8. My doctors said they thought I was lactose intolerant as a baby but I’ve never got it confirmed. I don’t like milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, or cream cheese anyways. I do still indulge in cheese and ice cream though.
  9. I have minor OCD tendencies such as I have to check my alarm on my phone in sequences of 8 (my favorite number). I also compulsively check to make sure my front door and car doors are locked.
  10. I am addicted to spicy food. I will put hot sauce and jalapeños on anything.
  11. I have awful man handwriting.
  12. My left thumb is double jointed. I can press it backwards to my arm.
  13. My first time on a plane was when I went to Mexico at 6 months old and didn’t fly again till I was 22. Have not been to another country since then.
  14. I didn’t get my drivers license till I was 23.
  15. I hate romantic comedies. I like movies that are random/weird and this genre is way too predictable.
  16. I thought I don’t like seafood but I started eating sushi and poke within the past few years.
  17. Embarrassing to admit but I was obsessed with John Mayer in high school - bought all of his cds. Luckily my music taste has improved.
  18. I was crazy about cats as a kid and got one in 3rd grade that I loved more than anything. Had her for 14 years but she was eaten by a mountain lion last summer. Was devastated. Now love both cats and dogs but have a special soft spot for cats.
  19. Nothing makes me more stoked than spontaneous trips to random towns. Always totally down for sleeping in the car. Have slept in my tiny corolla on numerous occasions.
  20. In elementary school my class took a field trip to my grandpas farm because we were learning about ferns and he had a bunch of his property. It was the inspiration for my fern tattoo.
  21. I have never had a manicure/pedicure/professional massage. I don’t like painting my nails either. I’ve been trying to grow them out lately but I’m awful and always end up cutting them. Not an overly girly girl. Like don’t understand the obsession with makeup - I’ll wear it but not buying a lot of it.
  22. I had a weird thing for Billy Mays (oxy clean dude) that started in middle school - it was my awakening when I realized I loved facial hair. Even drew a picture of him for art class in high school.
  23. When I had my weird Christian phase in high school I went to church summer camp and flipped a go cart.
  24. I can’t roll my tongue.
  25. I am the worst at doing accents.
  26. I don’t like fancy jewelry such as diamonds and whatnot . Think they’re a waste of money and I am always losing earrings/rings so not worth it to me.
  27. I want to get a van one day to use to travel around in. I want to have a home but the van for road trips and whatnot.
  28. My biggest phobia is oddly human waste (shit/piss/vomit). Like I can’t even watch scenes involving it on movies or tv because I get too squeamish. Hence why I’m terrified of portapotties and out houses. It’s a legit fear too not that I just think it’s gross - I actually have had nightmares involving it.
  29. I don’t like Disney. I can watch some of the ones from my childhood but I don’t like any of the newer ones and I don’t like Disneyland/Disneyworld.
  30. I shamefully love jazz. My tradition is to always listen to jazz when it rains. Something about that mood is so soothing.
  31. I unfortunately snore (as you might have figured out) and it’s probably one of my most embarrassing characteristics.
  32. The top of my bucket list is shark cage diving - I love sharks and would love to see a great white in person.
  33. I’ve never told a partner I love you. I think people in society say it too soon and I want to say it when I really feel it. Not that I’m heartless or emotionless I just didn’t want to say it to someone I didn’t truly feel it for and I haven’t been in love yet.
  34. I say “oh my goodness” way too much. I have no clue why and I can’t stop unfortunately.
  35. I consider my family to be my mom, stepdad and little sister whose 17. I’m closest with my sister and love her dearly. Have been kind of a mother figure for her because my mom is a little irresponsible (she dropped out of high school at age 15 and has relied on husbands to support her most of her life). I would have had an older brother because my mom had a baby at 17 but he passed away at 6 months old from SIDS.
  36. I love being by the water - whenever I’m stressed I like to talk a walk by the water by myself and it always soothes/calms me.
  37. My left ear is ripped because when I got my ears pierced as a kid the hole was too low and wearing dangly earrings progressively ripped it over time. My right front tooth is also chipped because when I was 20 I got too drunk off of fireball (which I have now sworn off) and chipped it on the toilet seat while vomiting.
  38. My worst shroom experience was when I was in San Francisco with friends for a secret show in the park. I just remember it hitting while we were on a bus and everyone was giving us dirty looks - wasn’t the best situation.
  39. I like to collect rustic/earthy coffee mugs. At one point my collection was probably around 30 but I realized that was extensive so I downsized a lot.
  40. I refuse to celebrate Easter since I don’t believe in the religious stuff so it feels fake for me to celebrate it (even though I’m a hypocrite that celebrates Christmas). Easter was also ruined for me when my sister was born because my mom always made me go easy on her during the Easter egg hunts which pissed me off because I was super competitive.
  41. In second grade I was hospitalized for pneumonia during Halloween and I was super bummed.
  42. I aspire to one day learn: to surf, play drums, and another language (preferably Russian or Greek).
  43. A perfect day to me is getting up grabbing coffee and a bagel loaded with lots of veggies then heading to the farmers market. Hitting up some thrift and record stores. Then spending the afternoon hiking/swimming. Head to some live music (preferably a house show). Then ending the night at a chill bar with a large group of friends.
  44. I want to get back into painting on vinyl more regularly. I feel like with more practice my stuff will improve.
  45. I love to cook and try new recipes especially for groups of people. I’ve always loved hosting events and having people over.
  46. I tend to be bad about expressing my emotions/feelings but I’ve been working on it. I’ve always been scared of coming off as weak or sensitive but I’ve come to realize being open and honest is way better than looking like a hard ass.
  47. I’m terrified of getting old because I hate the idea of people having to take care of me or having something like dementia. The concept of forgetting the people I love is terrifying.
  48. I’m highly independent - insistent on paying for myself and doing things myself but am still highly appreciative of simple things even silly things like a note.
  49. I want to grow my own veggies and have chickens for eggs one day (even with my hatred of eggs)
  50. I find the person receiving this list to be very funny, attractive and extremely talented/creative.

    i get high
    when ladies drop numbers
    i drop rubbers rubby ducky in coozi
    moonlit Ass

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