Wednesday 127pm

we scooted to the bus depot |||

||| xxx

xyxyxyxyx xyyxy yx

xy xyyyx yyx

xyx yx xyxyxy

damn getting lost in the 5 new tracks I made this last week with mashince - archive 1 - 5

5 tracks - 32 minutes long so far, pretty great to type to ! its synthy matrix vidya vizzy sounding

| | talked to becca for a hot potatoe with helen

talkede to chad he can hellp me move thank GOD

| talked to dad he can lend chad his van thank GOD

| on the bridge right now on a shuttle with good ole tiger again, going to pickup 11 adults I’m a little responsible for and see santana! I’ll meet helen there as well :D

| | I want to get chips for sure hahahaha at the 7 11 and I think helen will be down

we fight everytime we share a scoot cause she feels unsafe and wants to jump off every 2 blocks and I get impatient cause there’s no need to stop 90% of the time and I was carrying both backpacks and it hurt to stop and we both said I hate you and she flipped me off and I left to pee and this is my side in a fraction and I used it before so Imma use it again - 90% sure we won’t fight and damn it’s beautiful out here in a cool weird way, driving across to what looks like treasure island the radioactive dump and Imma text chad : D during the concert | send him a video

speaking of stuff to write

-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- new site will be lity feed up top then blog feeds


how many days has it been I haven’t had any money ?

feels like 30 days

but it’s been shorter in some ways and longer in others

yesterday me and melon walked over to pick up a check for that protest we worked a month ago - check finally came through. so we went ahead and

money money money everyone’s out of comission they’re thinking about money

the rich are out of commission while they’re thinking about money

the poor are out of commission they’re thinking about money

money money money money money this is something you can never not think about money money money money it grinds inside your ear lobes s9ssx and money money money money I make it all without it and money money money what can you do with your hands and money and monet money what can you do with your heart and money and

-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-


yeah | \ did my job for an hour now I am allowed to zone out and zone in on anything else. can continue the


the beeping is back LOL the bus is beeping the drubk people are complaining the driver doesn’t speak english the driver and I are laughing the beeping left for a moment the beeping is back at home whenever we stop the beeping can’t be stopped the drunk people off santana aren’t drunk enough to complain I hope this shuttle crashes and only tiger and I and the milf survive, I hope they don’t sell my farts, I hope to pass out and not count the minutes like the pleb that should’ve given me my jew gold, a hot dog made in vain by a mexican sturggling to get by making dank fucking dogs…..

who knows the screenplay contiunues, I continue, and there’s nothing else asde from the presense of the beeping quickly overtaking anthirng beautiful from the radio and shadowing it with an ugly acoustical reminder of time time time time time time time time time time time itme.

time time and again !

who cares where time goes when doesn’t it not go in the first place ?

who cares for time when the best version of fashion ,art, time, anatomy, all occur during brief momwnts that make sense ONLY in those moments, and are otherwise backed by a million reasons to not do them. Or makeoube you don’t wasnt to ciiiiiiiiilkkkkk up a bunch of really delidcisioucs food…

where woulf you startewd

that we bothknwow itt’s frreas look aho eekkkkkkkkkkkkkkknkn nnknnnnn k kkknkkkn sd dndkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssksssksksksksksksskskkkkkkkkkkskkkksksskkkkskkkkkkkkkkskkskkskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkskkkkkkkkkskskskssskkkskskskkkkkkkkkkkksksskkskkkssksks s ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ss ss sss s sssssssssss nnsnsnnn 11 10lll00000000000000

b4 the dogs b4 the sharing b4 ebfore eevvthing || nefore the beelping and luckily everyone’s getting off before your finish your complaint L O L I mustve been passed out prematurely

Santana Sendoff

2019-06-26 13:27:01 -0700 -0700

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