Am I safe inside my girl

am I safe inside this place

am I safe in side my home

is my home out of place

I am only safe in myself

if it's myself,

it's me

I am safe  

^ safety is more internal than external ||

Moving on…


|| @ some office building || Helping Helen get her phone fixed

At 104 40th w whatever on the fifth floor and it’s dope there’s free coffee and I can get a little work done. Basically where I’m at now is I have 6 weeks in Brooklyn before I have to start paying rent, if I want to stay, and then it would be 500 a month for a dope spot. Quit a great deal! So I’m on the job hunt, because basically if i can’t do that then we’re done and I’d go back to California, pick up my dead dad’s van, fill it with music equipment and a sleeping pad, put curtains up on it, and drive around on a official tour number 1! Oh, and then take a class in the summer at UCSC (UC suck cock) considering all the strikes going on right now, and the Psych department never responding to my emails, and the weird 1,800 fee to take 1 course that’s going to make me dumber.

Safe Inwards

2020-02-18 10:39:13 -0500 EST

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