I got my landboat

12:21 pm

It’s time to get ome uglies out - couldn’t sleep couldn’t do anything watched a smart TV lost phone on the beach with H yesterday blamed her cause she didn’t let me go back cause she was hungry

we got to the car and I realized I didn’t have my phone

we had an hour and 15 until they closed the parking lot

It was 2 miles away max

instead she had me drive all around through traffic to a new place slightly closer

and I couldn’t park there so she had to stay at the van

and then I ran and couldn’t even find the spot we were at from the new location

and she wouldn’t acknowledge that was a bad idea

when I said it was a bad idea out the gate

I said we wouldn’t be able to park there

I said it would be harder to find the spot we were at coming from an unknown location

and I regret listening to her

and I’m chemically angry coming down from cigs

and Jessie’s in town one more day

and they’re all doing a ladies lunch soon


people need to be woken up

you are not immune to propaganda

especially in the states^(documents linking giving government legal rights to spread propaganda)

the people need to ban together

on a country wide stage

just step one

know your neighbors^(Human and the Shooter - Chapter in **Love as Capital**)

are you concerned someone you know is becoming extremist?
download the app!

concerned about a family member not getting vaccinated for COVID 19?
download the app!

concerned about graphene in the vaccine?
download the app to make a difference e

concerned about your town or cities water quality?
download the app and speak to a representative

concerned about 2.3 trillion dollars lost by the department of defense?
download the app and make a comment!

are you wondering why magnets are sticking to people
at their injection sites,
and wondering why everyone thinks your crazy for
experimenting yourself?

are you wondering why Falon late night and everything media
denies the thousands of people who are sticking magnets at injection sites and they stick?
download the app and make a difference!

do you have the vaccination?
download the app and prove it!

do you want to buy groceries?
download the app and prove you’re vaccinated!

wondering about the biggest wealth transfer in history mid pandemic?
download the app and make a difference!

there is no app

this is what you do

the best you can do

make a difference

use a browser
use a vpn

stop using smart phones
stop watching listening to the following :
the list goes on and on……. ()all out here) linking ownership

and instead just head to paleblue.fm

a place where you can block out the noise

and just listen to humans and music, 24/7

open source ad free and for the people

submit your audio here :::: at paleblue.fm


I am not a racist

I am not a eugenicist

I am not a scientist

I am an artist

so you can fuck yourself

you fuck around with this shit too much

you forget what it's all about

the perfect life

the perfect after life

the perfect meta life

the perfect utopia

the greatest lie

on Earth -

Heaven is here on Earth

until we swayed away from it.

Ricardo Tilden Beach

2021-07-06 12:20:18 -0400 EDT

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