Tuesday 341 PM

I want to make poliwat more soulful

We smoke to cope
We cope to drink
We drink to love
We love to fuck
No fucks to give

We give to smoke

-==-==– but today is for hacking. I want to launch the pale blue plant - a shop –=-==–

Tuesday 601 PM

- EP 4 - with leila and her lab's robots... Do you verbally abuse robots? Cause I do
- setting up laswer cutter at the maker space
- cam is coming soon!!!

It’s gloomy out but I’m glad we sat


yea yea yea w/e

tue922pm=== every human exhibits exceptional behavior

@ the makerspace

lets call it the lab now

Rent Is Due Killself And A Chinese Laser Cutter

2018-05-01 15:41:24 -0700 -0700

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