monday 957 AM

Update sitting at a park

Monday 12:13 PM

Find myself on the 17 again. No headphones today because I want to just hear everything. I went overboard on music the past week, and one of the mushroom nights I went down the rabbit hole imagining that I disrecpected music for too long, and now am paying the price for it. It’s all made up. Super cute girl walking by outside. So many cute girls here.

Yuval from sweetwater is my new GO TO guy for music equipment. This dude is the shit!!!!

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I want to sell everything I own, then do a heroic dose in the woods and pass out on top of some water tanks less than a mile from my house. Then when I wake up it will be like resetting. Like starting a video game. I want to do this like every three months lol.

Also I haven’t had a chance to do a real good log in a while but today is the day. The real question though - soundcloud? Do I go pro? It looks like I have to… it’s just so expensive. I’m going to abuse this vocal pedal, and start busking lowkey downtown a little bit.

Scatter city

had the second job interview for that music director job at that boys and girls club. Met Jennifer and she’s super cool! Fingers crossed that I get the job <3

Heading to palo alto - going to meeetup with Avery and we’re meeting this Stanford Professor that may be the first real Omari client. Well real as in it’s weekly work. Which would be nice, because it would be all about producing a podcast.

But priority 1 is to get a mountain bike, and a scoot.

Official release date of the project will be to officially become a nonprofit

I need to empty my phone / get a better phone and work it more.

I need to get business cards going for avery and I.

Ahahaa I need to prep for the radio show tonight.

It looks like I won’t be able to

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Q and A Why I like Santa Cruz

Monday 1236 PM



first tier:

  • gas scooter
  • mountain bike ( go for the house one FIRST )
  • mobile recording setup for professional podcasts between 2 people minimum
  • vocal processor ASAP ( )
  • Omari business cards
  • Pale blue dot merch store
second tier:
  • phone with better camera (or fix my big dick plus 6)
  • poliwat looper project
  • power supply for keyboard downstairs
  • power supply for that other vocal processing unit
  • Laser Cutter
Sell list
  • komplete keys
  • maschine
  • wetsuit
  • anything ++ everything

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new disco (very) Arana gulch

the human and the space


monday 19 PM

The father of music talked to me today.

No I’m dead pan sober, not on drugs. This guy Yuval called from sweetwater asking how I’m doing and stuff.

Reminder, routine, reward….

My ideal ‘schedule’

Yuval is the new go to guy for anything music!!!

Hello, my name is Michael , and I”m an abuser. I’m an abuser of the credit card. I’m about to try and max it out and make purchases for my company so we can get a fucking move on.

Finally applied for FOOD STAMPS


Palo Alto city Council



That one John Wayne movie where they don’t admit it when they are scared

a time when holding in your emotions is a beneficial skill


Music director job

Girl walking down the street

pbd ep 2

we’re all masquerading as humans

crush beach SOCCER MOM

ghost stories of the abandoned mental facility with kevin and callout jasmin

–==–=-==– Monday 1110 PM

I’m on the road from headless chicken to sharp samurai from hear on out. Without getting burnt out!

monday 1158 PM bitch have you cried over lost tape

1226 am

palo alto city council is still going on so my show will start after they wrap up.

Scott hasn’t gotten back to me about the laser cutter

omg I hate my workflow right now but about to listen to this new shoe The last to do list


(woke) white male here,

fuck chicks and suck dicks in the bus

klepto dexter = robinhood

You had me at fuck this line

fuck it up mchiggen yelled chainpush up!

Redwood Scavenging Music Director Interview And Yuval The Father Of Music

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