Friday 949 AM

On Caltrain heading to Aren’s talk. Listening to Avery’s mixes.

I got great tape last night but can’t share it on here.

After Asim dropped me back home from NB at abou 1130PM, I realized I left my lappy. He picked my dumbass up a second time and we drove all the way back to grab it, because in his words “You told me your laptop was your life”.

Worst case scenario is losing this lappy.

Doing autodesk fusion 360 last night was a blast. It was my second attempt at learning the software, and the guy teaching, Adrian made everything make so much sense. I’m drawing up from scratch a little module that will fit perfectly inside the cigar box, and I’m going to make a little drum MIDI pad with it. I will then make an instructable and share the code.


Notes from Aren’s talk

Gut-feel evaluation

take a youtube video, put a spectrogram over it

make a track from the ontology samples

Audioset ontology sample bank: drum kit

A template for drumkits

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [kick] [snare] [hihat] [crash]

What I like about this past week

What I don’t like about this past week


fav quote

“small gains it’s all about small gains” - Aren

Friday 456 PM

15 min mark Tom Redo outro

30 min mark snip snip edit transition

45 min mark avery psa

fav quotes

The bliss point

point in food

add in sugar not to take away from the taste


Dr. Robert Lee

33 min “is sugar going to be like tobacco” -

add just a little but of sugar

30 tea spoons a day for sugar

average lint chocolate bar has 12 teaspoons

men should have 6 teaspoons a day of sugar

women should have 4

1 teaspoons are 4 grams

cacao =-==–==–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–==–==-===

the point at which you take food

Open source or die

Friday 802 PM

I love working in a room that has security cameras throughout the building.

Working on the website tonight

I may be getting sick but hopefully not

EM forster is fucking me up I love it

judah friedlander is fucking hilarious…


codepen creds:

favs though


from the tak ealier today

I wanna be 26 and say

“I just sent an email to 10,000 people and I’m about to get my dick sucked” - Michael Betts

Very happy they started adding captions on the earth when you pass over major cities….

For the books, this is the first day I’ve noticed this. And I’ve been checking out the ISS live stream for at least 4 years. Prolly 5 who cares…


made this



20 - joeys’ 1- michael’s


Wild cat canyon

Real World Event Audio Classification

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