Thursday 542 PM

Just sat down @lulu’s cafe downtown. Some serious cuties working here, I’m usually super flirtatious but feel too introspective at the moment so I’m quiet and low profile. I saw a bent nail sticking out the the brick wall, and touched it. Then while inspecting the wall at large, I found a small crack 8 inches and two the left of my face. There’s a small note in the crack.

I introspective today
I introvert
but am too smart
humans are too easy
I've seen too much
and I want to see more
where you from?
neighbor saw a Sasquatch
welcome to the cult of extreme productivity  
find your purpose
then produce it up
be productive

{{ nieghor }} I made this typo and now I want to define it. Google was a typo originally.

alright alright two of the best ideas of the day

  1. cannabis commandments, a new track
  2. Wait until I get injured to make straight from the hospital track


cause I live to create
you live to survive

songwriting masterclass fast track course

writiing a song in 80 hours,
the workshop with michael betts
social media is first
and foremost a bottomless pit
remember this always


- why cause all of life is connected
- all planets that live are connected

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

laser life
Designed by Michael
Designed by Muneerah

The pale blue umbrella this is your most zoomed out version possible for the yin of my life - pale blue .

Beats to release, with stems and track

why cause we all nodes of God

thursday 833 pM

doing yard work

todahy’s been great

I feel great off keto

It takes a while to see the beauty in a weed.

just have to hang out with some .

{{ ok ok ok ok ok ok cut to a weed type of person showing an endearing side }}

every white lady

writing on th wall to the extreme

when a rich white person goes

my gautamalan friend

thursday 1104 pm

pbd - themes
an hour on time

an hour on

ive seen god

ive had cosmic pussy

ive learned what im supposed to do in my life

ive worked white and blue

ive flown flags

frid 18 am fuck the romans fuck with trojans

canabis commandments

  • know everyones name
  • be social not media
    • be real not fake


alcohol like it water

Real Definition of an Alchemist and the Ten Cannabis

2018-07-12 17:41:34 -0700 -0700

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